Weekend to-do PROJECT [portfolio grade] for Monday, April 27

Three Drawings. These are drawing projects not just drawing studies.

  • Choose ONE image from below. It will be used for all three drawings.
  • Print out.
  • Consider creating light grid that you can erase (don’t fold paper you will draw on)
  • Do not fold paper to transport to class; paper should remain uncreased and not be torn.
  • Bring to class Monday.

DRAWING 1: Cross Contour Drawing Composition

  1. Pen, charcoal pencil or ink
  2. Minimum size, sketchbook
  3. Approximately 45 minutes to 2 hours

DRAWING 2: Negative Space Composition

  1. Charcoal or ink
  2. Minimum size, sketchbook
  3. Approximate 20-40 minutes

DRAWING 3: Value, Volume, Shadow and Light Composition

  1. Charcoal
  2. Minimum size, sketchbook
  3. Approximate 2-3 hours

On Monday, we will be doing a final project drawing; Wednesday we will critique and then draw. Class Exam based on textbook Ch 1-6 will be Monday, May 4.

These are our last three classes, do not be absent.

Chose ONE (only) to use for the above three drawings

unnamed-16 unnamed-9  unnamed-8unnamed-10 unnamed-11 unnamed-12 unnamed-13 unnamed-14 unnamed-15 unnamed-9 unnamed-10  unnamed-11  unnamed-17unnamed-12 unnamed-8

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