Weekend to-do (due monday 4/20)

  1. BRING to class on Monday = 3 ink drawings – HW not from class (see description below); paint brush; ink;
  2. READ or review chapters 1-5. You are responsible to know their content. Read and learn key terms and concepts.
  3. DRAWINGS: Three ink drawings for  critique on Monday
    • Each drawing is to be comoleted with a differnt nonart tool–beads, string, fork, knife, etc
    • All drawings are to be of smae still life you put together. Carefully consider your arrangement. Considered dramatic lighting.
    • Three drawings=three that you want to have graded, meaning you may have to make more than three.
    • These will probably gestural in nature but should also deal with light and shadow. I also suggest test running each tool yo find out what kind of marks are possible. The goal is not an outlined ink drawing. But to explore light, value and texture.

Here are some in-PROCESS sample drawings from class.   






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