weekend to-do [due 11/3]

I. Complete in class still life [come up and work in our room]

  1. draw from life
  2. use grid method
  3. may use photo print out to resolve scale issues but value should be from live viewing
  4. be sure your use of value expresses
    1. volume
    2. types of light – reflected light, core shadows, cast shadows, etc
    3. surface differences in how light behaves — glass vs fabric vs plastic fruit

II. CRIT HW – put drawings up by 8 am on Tuesday in other studio.

III. BRING – 18″ ruler, black pens, india ink, cheap small brush, cup to put water in.

Here are some of y’lls drawings begun.  If you were absent, the still life is on the east wall of pur room. Don’t move spot lights but do turn them on.




  Kate and Charise

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