weekEND [easter] to do list

What you need for Wednesday 4/8

  • Two homework drawings [see details below]
    • Prior to 3 pin your two homework drawings up for a class critique + grade
  • INK [bottle from your kit]
  • bowl for ink
  • items, nonart, to dip in ink. ie:
    • mardigra beads
    • kitchen utensils [whisk, forks, serrated knives, etc]
    • toy cars
    • golf balls
    • keys
    • junk
  • BLACK. wear black shirt, pants, shoes. Ink stains

Homework [2 drawings 2 to 3 hours each]

  1. ONE Point perspective [this is last weekend’s homework]
    • choose hallway of some kind
    • sketch in lightly with charcoal–use┬áruler, establish your horizon line your one point
    • shade like we did in our egg value drawing through darkness and removal
  2. TWO Point Plus drawing
    1. go to coffee shop, cafeteria, library
      • space should include tables, chairs and people, shelving is a perk
    2. sketch in lightly–use ruler, establish horizon line and necessary points for each object
    3. hold camera up parallel to your body directly in front of your eyeball and snap a black and white shot of the space for later VALUE reference (lights and darks)
    4. complete using your charcoal to create value (review your 6 types of light / shadow from book). You can use the room code and draw in classroom. Be sure to lock yourself in the room. See previous email for code…be sure to hit the * after the numbers.

Each drawing should take 2-3 hours. Consider this a PROJECT/Portfolio grade (versus homework grade).

NO CLASS on Monday 4/6 = holiday. So the homework PROJECT [2 drawings]

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