weekend 8 to-do [due 10/19] value + types of light + shadow

Four charcoal drawings

  1. One hour each [meaning a minimum of 4 hours]
  2. Create one still life composed of
    1. Crushed soda cans (feel free to spray paint white if it helps you see the way light is behaving on the the surfaces)
    2. White styrofoam cups, 3 to 4. May substitute plain white mugs.
    3. One primary directional light source [dramatic],
      which should give you and effect similar to this.
  3. Draws with make-up wedge.
    1. Complete a couple of quick warm up drawings to get scale relationships
    2. You may want to very lightly with wedge draw using organizational lines prior to your study on light and shadow.
    3. all edges should be implied through value contrast, NO drawn LINES
    4. Pay attention to
      1. scale of objects
      2. angles
      3. elipse construction for viewing angle

      4. spatial relationships
      5. TYPES OF LIGHT/SHADOWS [click here for good useful info on drawing light and shadows]
        -note how light hits interior of cups
        -study how light/shade behaves over the crumples in the cans.
  4. Put up on wall when you get to class on Tuesday [CRIT].

Ten (10) copy machine selfies. Each one should be different

  1. smash face onto copy machine expressively
  2. include your hand in some
  3. CLOSE your EYES [so as not to damage your retinas]
  4. bring to class Tuesday, we will use them for a new charcoal/value/removal/grid technique

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