weekend 7 to do (due 10/13) – value, volume and types of light

  1. Review volume chapter and pages of light
  2. Complete 3 charcoal value-volume-light drawings

    1. Spend 1 hour on each drawing
    2. Set up a still life composed of white eggs and toilet paper (alternatively you may use apples in place of eggs, but these must be spray painted 1 [$1 can from walmart]).
    3. For each drawing select a different view or rearrange.
      IMG_7277.JPG  IMG_7274.JPG
    4. Use directional light (one light source, like a lamp)
    5. Each drawing should display highlights, quarter tones, half tones, core shadow, reflected light, cast shadow and occluded shadow (see top diagram).
    6. At the top of each drawing make a small horizontal bar with a grayscale gradient (10 boxes) from black to white. Use this as a reference while drawing.
    7. highly recommend you use the viewfinders we made in class [what they look like/how to use]
    8. use charcoal
    9. using only value gradation and shifts draw eggs, toilet paper and hint of what they are sitting on.


      NON EGG options. must spray paint fruit white

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