weekend 3 to do list (due Tues. 9/15)


  1. Choose a work from one of the following artists: Matisse, Lachaise, Durer, Kokoschka, Cano, Tovish, Polke, Guston, Lichenstein. Add identifying information. Paragraph (not one sentence), introduce the your personal logic behind the choice. If it is that you “LIKE” it, figure out why and include a detailed reason as to why. The second paragraph should examine how this relates to contour drawing. Sure you can say because it is a contour drawing, but spell out several reasons as to why you believe this. Be thorough. (15 points)
  2. Five self portraits
    -minimum time for each 30 minutes; max time 40 minutes.-two (2) CROSS contour drawn on photocopy or printout¬†of ~8×10 BW printout selfie. Use sharpie or dark black pen.
    cross contour on photocopy
    -two (2) semi-blind CROSS contour (consider not just horizontal, but also vertical) using mirror. use dramatic lighting.

    -one (1) blind contour. Go very slowly, find and follow detailed shapes of shadows and highlights. ignore those dang eyelashes. Thirty minutes min. I would rather have an incomplete drawing with more precise details than a complete face. The task is learning to really look and discern the shapes that make up what you are observing.

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