WeekEnd 3 to do [in prep for 2/2]

TEXT – Finish reading chapter 3 on LINE (review GESTURE)

DRAWING in sketchbook—Take your time without being tight

  1. Head + shoulder blind contour self portrait with multi-penciled (30+) – use dramatic light. Tape two or three pencils together; Make 2 drawings; submit the best of two (each ~30 minute)
  2. Take a line for a walk out in a public space via single tool-pen or sharpie. (30 minutes+; don’t rush; it is like a blind contour but following various objects and structures around the room…its as though you are taking a line for a walk and it is carefully sniffing its way along a series of contours from point a to b)

PREPARE – bring all drawing tools, tape, etc, rubber bands or twisty ties, as always sketchbook, homework drawings. Dress in solid colors, preferable not black. Personally, I recommend picking up a 2×3 pad of newsprint…~7-12 bucks.

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