weekend 1 to-do list [homework] | mind + motor + materiality

Reminder that Monday is Martin Luther King Day = No school.

  1. PREPARE—Acquire all supplies from syllabus. Hand mirror, roll of whitish paper, thumbtacks, gator clips or tape to hold paper to wall, writing utensils. Prep for quiz over Ch 1+2.
  1. TEXT—Drawing-A sketch and text book, READ Ch 1-2 Introduction. COMPLETE—Large adjustable frame, see pg 16 (bring to class from now on), and to one side add incremental measurement markings to your adjustable frame…~1” a part, see pgs 18, 20, 22).
  1. DRAWING—Complete text readings first.
    Panarama series: sit in the middle of any room. Draw what is straight in front of you. Do not turn head left or right, only up and down (~5’ w from you to ceiling). Turn 15 degrees and repeat on a new sheet of paper. Turn…continue at 15 degree increments, until you’ve completed 8 drawings (kind of like a clock beginning at 12—1.5—3—4.5—6—7.5—9—10.5). If not done consecutively, mark sitting location and noon spot so that you can return to finish series. Any single medium for all 8 drawings, may use 14×17” sketch pad or larger paper.
  1. SKETCHBOOK—make pocket on back of book or inside and store course docs. Adhere first day notes, quote, thoughts, drawings, etc in sketchbook. Date everything. Your sketchbook will house stuff that fits; your portfolio case will store the rest; your locker is for supplies.Choose one definition for the word DRAW [any] that you find interesting and that relates to some experience you’ve had. AND TBA.

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