Weekend 5 to-do list (due 9/29)

  1. READĀ Excerpt from Drawing: A Contemporary Approach pages 42-43
  2. ARTIST of the week
    1. Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QS0PzOwfmHo
    2. Chose a sample sketch from Alberto Giacometti that uses organizational line.
    3. Print out and put in sketchbook
    4. Explain what attracted you to this specific drawing
    5. List 5 ways that he used organizational line through samples. Highlight on printout.
  3. Five (5) self portraits with one hand in the drawing using organizational line.
    1. 3o minutes minimum up to 1 hour.
    2. TWO of the five. working onto of a printout of a selfie (BW) mark out organizational lines in a similar fashion as Giacometti
    3. THREE of the five, working from a mirror and dramatic light, pencil or charcoal, execute your self-portrait through the use of organizational line.

Portrait grades are based on the appearance of usage of TIMEĀ as defined by amount of detail, use of METHOD suggests a strong understanding. Each sketch is worth 17 points and Artist of the week activity is 15 points.