Weekend 2 to do list

Weekend 2 to do list
  1. five self portraits (4 need to be via blind contour method). Minimum time per drawing is 20 minutes. Max time is 30. Be sure to date and list drawing time for each. Do this subtly off to one corner. 
  2. Image of artist from contour section of syllabus, note identification for image (artist, date, medium, size), a paragrah as to why you selected this image and a paragraph on how this work relates to contour drawing. 
  3. Read Ch 3
  4. You should be done with ch 1&2, know the bold word vocabulary and have completed the in book exercises. I realize some of the books havent come in yet so (1) I will add buffer time before i grade (2) I will notify you on a Thursday before a due date of a Tuesday (meaning you will have one weekend to finish up). 

Sample blind contours based on your bike process 

  • Continuous line
  • Open shapes (vs closed shapes) prove more engaging 
  • Block tour ciew to the page as the tendency to look is iverwhelming (and natural)
  • Go slow as though you were running the pencil over the surface of your face. 
  • Remember you dont have to rush. Set a timer for 30 minutes and just stop and dont worry whether you are finished.