semester schedule

Intro + Contour Lines. 

Contour, blind contour and cross contour. Cross contour and the illusion of mass and volume. The interlock of positive and negative space introduced. Artists: Matisse, Lachaise, Durer, Kokoschka, Cano, Tovish, Polke, Guston, Lichenstein

WEEK 1—Read + Complete Intro + Ch 1-2

8/25 T Intro/Materials

8/27 Th Blind/Slow Contour

WEEK 2—Read Ch 3

9/1 T Blind Contour

9/3 Th Cross Contour

WEEK 3—Complete Ch 3

9/8 T Cross Contour

9/10 Th Positive/Negative Space


Line CRIT/Review   9/15


Gestural line. 

Working from still life: Linear gesture, scribble gesture and sustained gesture. Organizational line drawing. Introduction of core forms, composition and scale. Reductive drawing. Artists: Kline, Giacometti, Degas, Chia, Daumier, Matisse, Lachaise.

WEEK 4—Ch 11 Crit [focus pg 243-244]

9/15 T Review/Gesture

9/17 Th Gesture

Organizational line 

WEEK 5—Read Handout (digital)

9/22 T Organizational

9/24 Th Organizational


Spatial illusion. Linear perspective: one, two and three point perspective. Aerial or atmospheric perspective. Other cultures systems for creating spatial illusions (later). Modernist space. Cubism. Multiple perspectives. Foreshortening. Elliptical perspective. Artists: Bernini, daVinci, Rubens, Cambiaso,Piranesi, Mazur, Hopper, Sheeler, Picasso, Braque,Thiebaud, Brown, de Chirico.

WEEK 6 —Read Ch 6 Space

9/29 T Linear Perspective: 1-point

10/1 Th Linear Perspective: 1-point

Week 7—Complete Ch 6 Space

10/6 T Linear Perspective: 2-point

10/8 Th Linear Perspective: 2-point

Week 8—Read Handout (digital) 

10/13 T Perspective Challenge

10/15 Th Perspective Challenge


Perspective CRIT/Review   10/20



Value scales. Working from still life: two, three, and five value systems. Initial exploration in vine charcoal of white still life objects, followed by hatching, graphite and wash. How value describes structure, weight, light and space. Chiaroscuro. The subjective use of value. The mechanics of observing value…squinting. The interlock of value, tonal shapes, distinct and blended. Artists: Goya, Thiebaud, Morandi, Cuevas, Leslie, Courbet, Seurat, Chagoya, Millet,Celmins.

WEEK 9—Read Ch 4 Value

10/20 T Review / Volume/Value

10/22 Th Volume/Value

WEEK 10 —Complete Ch 4 

10/27 T Space/Value

10/29 Th Space/Value

Week 11—Read + Complete Ch 5

11/3 T Space

11/5 TH Space


Line CRIT/Review   11/10



Actual and simulated texture. Invented, conventional and symbolic texture. Transferred and found texture. Spatial characteristics of texture. Artists: Kiefer, Close, Braque, Schwitters, Kabakov, Mesa-Baines, Indiana, Rauschenberg.

WEEK 12 —Read + Complete Ch 7 Texture.

11/10 T Review / Texture

11/12 Th Texture

Spatial Illusion/Perspective

WEEK 13—Review text section

11/17 T Atmospheric Perspective / Spatial Illusions

11/19 Th Atmospheric Perspective / Spatial Illusions

Final Project: TBA

WEEK 14 —Read Ch 10 

11/24 T Project / Exam Review

11/26 Th Work Independently



Project CRIT/Review   


12/1 T Final Crit / All Due


Drawing Lab EXAM  


12/5 SATURDAY, 8-10 AM

Drawing Lab Exam

Sketchbook DUE every Tueday.

  1. Complete five [5] self-portraits. Explore current in class methods. Use dramatic lighting.
    DATE every sketch. Below date, list time spent on sketch
  2. Select one [1] artist from section schedule. Choose based on what interests or provokes you (love or hate), printout a sample work and paste into sketchbook. Below or on next page, list title, artist, date and write a paragraph explaining your interest in this artist and specifically this artwork.
  3. Additional sketches may be assigned. See website each Friday to review requirements.


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