Portfolio + Sketchbook Review (1) One [DUE 3/9]

Portfolio + Sketchbook Review One


Preparation to do prior to Monday

    • One drawing from those done in class according to the method listed.
    • This drawing should be an interesting, well-executed example of the method indicated.
    • You may redo any drawing, but it must be in accordance with the method indicated.
  2. LABEL
    • Make a tidy small label (~1×2).
    • Put your name and the method.
    • You will pen these below each image.
  3. INSTALLATION (pre-layout at home, take camera picture, use this to guide you Monday for quick installation. You will have ten minutes to install)
    • Consider carefully your arrangement.
      Presentation in terms of orderliness and what is next to what can make a difference.
    • Pin up or pin up clips and hang paper from these clips
    • You will probably need pins or clips at the bottom corner of each piece since they will want to curl.
    • Use checklist to confirm you has it all.
    • In one corner of each sketch label it according to the checklist (so I know what is what; don’t make me guess).
    • Place on floor below Portfolio work you mounted on wall.

Grading Considerations

  • Exploration of method and adherence to the method
  • Presentation of work
  • Labeling of work
  • Gives the appears that the suggested time was used (for homework/sketchbook projects)

Portfolio Checklist (classwork)

  1. ________   (1) Blind Contour (classmate)
  2. ________   (2) Blind Contour (self portrait)
  3. ________   (1) Gesture Drawing of Classmate
  4. ________   (1) Cross Contour Drawing (boxes)
  5. ________   (1) Organizational (drawing)
  6. ________   (1) Negative Space (chairs)
  7. ________   (1) Value Drawing (eggs or eggs and toilet paper)
  8. ________   (1) Grid Value Drawing (self portrait)

Sketchbook Checklist (homework)

Include homework even if not in sketchbook

If it is not done, you may still complete it for a grade. It must be submitted with Portfolio. I have ordered them by week so that you can check blog for directions and samples of the method. Plus I highly recommend reviewing textbook description. The grade is based on time invested on each and full used and exploration of the method assigned.

Week 1

________      (8) Vertical panorama drawings of your room

Week 2

________      (1) Blind contour, 5 hands and two feet drawing

________      (3) Blind contours, self-portraits

Week 3

________      (1) Blind contour, full body self-portrait

________      (2) Blind contour, head and shoulder multi-pencil

________      (1) Blind contour, take a line for a walk around a room

Week 4

________      (20) Gesture drawings, human

________      (4) Organizational line, bedroom or bathroom

________      (1) Self-portrait

Week 5

________      (2) Negative space drawings

________      (1) Ghost drawing of self designed still life

Week 6

________      (1) Grid Value drawing from photograph

Week 7

________      (1) Value removal drawing from Xerox (self-portrait)


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