drawing 1 syllabus

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Catalogue Description
ART 1303. Drawing I: Introduction (3). Investigation of a variety of media, techniques, and subjects. Students develop perceptual, descriptive, and verbal skills with consideration of drawing as a conceptual process as well as an end in itself. Outside assignments. AP or portfolio waiver possible. Fulfills core Visual and Performing Arts requirement.

Course Requirements

Six hours in class required studio participation each week. At least three hours of productive work outside of class each week is required to meet standards required by NASAD (9 hours total per week).

Course Purpose

Students taking this course will acquire essential skills in drawing.  It serves as a requirement for students majoring in Art History, Communication Design, Visual Studies and Studio Art. Students will develop the ability to observe, record, and understand the concrete world around them. They will also utilize drawing as a tool for visual thinking, and as one of the most direct forms of self-expression (more…)

drawing 1 schedule

drawing 1 schedule

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WEEK 1—Read Ch 1-2

1/14 W Rough Sighting + Line
Acquire Materials

Contour line. Contour, blind contour and cross contour. Cross contour and the illusion of mass and volume. The interlock of positive and negative space introduced. Artists: Matisse, Lachaise, Durer, Kokoschka, Cano, Tovish, Polke, Guston, comic books

WEEK 2—Read Ch 3 Line

1/19 M Holiday
1/21 W Blind/Slow Contour

Mark Making and Gesture line. Working from still life: Linear gesture, scribble gesture and sustained gesture. Organizational line drawing. Introduction of core forms, composition and scale. Reductive drawing. Artists: Kline, Giacometti, Degas, Chia, Daumier, Matisse, Lachaise. (more…)

mid-semester portfolio display for all art/design majors

Foundations Reviews are required for all Art Majors. It is built into the courses Design I, Drawing I and Drawing II. These reviews help you practice putting together a portfolio, which is a useful preparation for both the BA and BFA track as well as the art/design fields in general. The Art Foundations Portfolio Review is intended to help students reflect on their first year and give them a chance to see an overview of the work they produce in multiple classes. It is also intended to help faculty guide students toward the best possiblities for their strenghts within the School of Art. Even though these review are run through the Drawing and Design Foundaitons classes, students will be encouraged to submit work from any of the other Foundatons classes they have taken such as Intro to Art, Technolgoy in the Arts, Design II, Art History Survey I and Art History Survey II. If you are an Art BA or BFA major or thinking about being a major, please fill out this form and submit to your Drawing I, Drawing II or Deisgn I instructor.


Set up: March 2-6

Portfolio Checklist

Drawings from ART 1303 Drawing I & ART 2304 Drawing II
___Line composition to show contour line
___Value composition to show form and light
___Comps that incorporate negative space & entire page
___Comps that uses perspective to depict 3d spaces
Design Comps from ART 1302 Design I
___Figure/Ground Reversal Project
___Color/Implied Line/Synethesia
___Linear Perspective
___Sketch Page Work
Three Dimensional Works from ART 2303 Design II
___optional works
Digital Works from ART 2309 Technology in the Arts
___optional works
Writing Sample from ARTH 1301 Art History Survey I & ARTH 2302 Art History Survey II
___optional written work
Assignments from ART 1100 Introduction to Art
___optional work

Viewing: March 9-12
Deinstallation: March 13


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