WEEKend 5 – reading, drawing and to bring

charcoal DRAW-forty to fifty minute ghost drawing working back and forth between gesture, smear, gesture, smear, erase, gesture, smear, etc. Set up your own themed still life (be sure to use three dimensional objects…a comb isn’t going to work very well, a brush and rolls of toilette paper might be great). Between each smear evaluate what is off in the drawing–closeness of objects, height, width, etc (studying the negative space between items from the still life will help you see misrepresentation in terms of scale, location, and three dimensionality in your drawing). Each successive drawing should be more actuate in terms of relational scale, orientation, and positioning of objects. Take your time…but draw loosely (gesture). It will be very evident if you try to shortcut (time) the process.

Here is a sample of this method applied to a self portrait

ghost drawing in process (gesture, smear, gesture, erase, repeat)

Here it is almost complete gesture ghost drawing (gesture, smear, gesture, smear, erase, gesture)

Here is a whole set of student still life ghost drawing samples LINK and LINK and LINK

TEXT-read chapter 4: value

BRING-RAG, charcoal, white EGGS, GUM ERASER, clips and such.

value and the 6 types of light


value and light

value and light

value, grayscale, light and eggs

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