Day one of learning to look plus WEEKEND 1 to-do list. 

Blind contour self-portraits with a hand mirror. Well done every one! It was a great frist day. 

Before Tuesday

  1. Five (5) self portraits. At least 3 should be blind contour—even better if they all are. Max time on one drawing 30 minutes, minimum time per drawing is 20 minutes. Set a time for ten minutes to keep up with were you are in your process. Remember: this process is about really learning to look at all the nuances of what you see. It is not about the drawing which will just be a byproduct of your looking.  

    this counts as an example of one self-portrait. one drawing per page.

  2. If you havent got your artist image and test in your sketchbook,ake it happen. See previous post for the two questions. 
  3. Sketchbooks due for grade Tuesday. Bring tour drawing kit and supplies. Bring a lock if you want to keep most your stuff in a locker. 



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